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Silk Dubbing

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Kreinik Silk Dubbing is natural 100% pure silk. Very strong and an excellent material for bodies of wet or dry flies. ONE SIZE.

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Kreinik Silk Dubbing is natural 100% pure silk. Very strong and an excellent material for bodies of wet or dry flies.

  • The fibers of the silk dubbing are very fine and long. This fine fiber structure makes this silk dubbing ideal for the bodies of flies from size 16 to the very smallest (26-28).
  • Silk is hydrophobic, meaning it is naturally water resistant. It will float higher and longer than the various poly type dubbings because it has a lower specific gravity and it takes longer for water to wick through the fibers.
  • Silk readily accepts acid type dyes and can also be colored with marking pens. The available colors will meet the needs of the majority of popular dry fly and nymph patterns, such as Adams, Blue-winged Olives, Drakes, Hare’s Ears, Hendricksons and Sulphurs.

Helpful Hint from Harrison Steeves III: When tying with this material, begin by using less dubbing than you think is necessary to form the body. Once it is spun on the thread, it's almost impossible to get it off. The silk fibers are so fine and so strong that they seem to bond together to form a permanent layer on the tying thread, which makes them difficult to remove. 

Would this product be useful in your business (ie, manufacturing, teaching, retail)? If so, you could benefit from bulk quantities at wholesale pricing. To open a wholesale account, we require a copy of your business license on file. Send a copy along with your business name and contact info to: 

  • Kreinik Customer Service Department, 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg, WV 26101 USA
  • or fax it to 304-428-4326
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5.00 (Votes: 4)
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  • Susan Sm.
    Jan 31, 2023, 17:27
    Particularly nice on size 12 or smaller dry flies. Dubs up super smooth and fine. Extremely easy to use.
  • Tom T.
    Feb 2, 2021, 14:49
    I love your silk dubbing. It dubs so well on small flies and you don't have to twist it too tight. It floats well. Great for midge patterns and dry flies.
  • Harrison Steeves III
    Feb 2, 2021, 14:47
    One of the nice things about this dubbing is the fact that you do not have to wax the thread in order to spin it; the fibers will naturally cling to the thread.
  • @classicflyfishingadventures
    Feb 19, 2020, 14:26
    Amazing for dries!

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