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Reflective Yarn

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A knitting, weaving, and crochet carry-along yarn to literally light up your designs. Kreinik's unique Reflective Yarn adds light-reflecting properties to any project. Use in stripes or sections of your design. Also terrific in duplicate stitch to highlight a particular area. Available in one color, a neutral gray to blend into any color scheme.

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A knitting, weaving, and crochet yarn that will literally light up your life. Kreinik's unique Reflective Yarn is used as a carry-along fiber to add light-reflecting properties to any project. As a matte-gray color, it blends neutrally into other yarns. However, with a camera flash or car light, your design becomes luminously lit, adding an element of fun and flash. While it is not to be used as safety-rated material for nighttime jogging in your knitted dress, for example, the new yarn nevertheless provides light without weight and a 3-D effect without altering the aesthetic look of a design. It's a fun new toy for fiber enthusiasts to create a new era of fashion-forward reflective patterns.

How To Use Reflective Yarn: 
Use Kreinik Reflective Yarn as a carry-along fiber with other yarns to accent certain areas, or use in duplicate stitch.

Yarn Specs: 
Reflective Yarn is available on 25-yard spools (cones available by special order). It is made of 22% polyester, 53% glass beads, 12% phenolic resin and 13% adhesive. Can be dry cleaned and washed (40 C/104 F). Do not use bleach. Iron on low. Not dye resistant. Not to be relied upon as your sole nighttime safety garment; use it along with other safety rated reflective material.

You can also use this thread in needlepoint (for dog collars, belts, purses, flip flops, for instance); it is the equivalent weight of Fine #8 Braid.

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