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Personalized Sleep Mask

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We found this satin sleep mask in the $1 bin at Target. What a perfect backdrop for adding funny words or someone's name. Since it's Christmastime, and visions of sugar plums are supposed to be dancing in our heads, we used that phrase from "Twas The Night Before Christmas" to decorate this girly gift. Feel free to be creative and personal in what you write.

A note about color: Choose a color of Kreinik Iron-on Thread to match your fabric. These threads come in 40+ shades, including three glow-in-the-dark colors.

Materials needed:

  • inexpensive sleep mask purchased from a discount store
  • Kreinik Iron-on Medium #16 Braid in 6580 Purple
  • Mini Craft Iron or home iron
  • Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth (small size to fit a mini iron, or large for a home iron)


  1. If your iron isn't coated with a non-stick surface, you will want to put the Adhesive Press Cloth on the plate. This keeps the heat-activated adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron. When your iron is cool, simply peel the backer off the Adhesive Press Cloth and lay it flat on the plate of the iron.
  2. Turn your iron on to high heat and let it heat thoroughly.
  3. Use our "Sugar Plum" template, or create your own template by typing words on your computer in your choice of fonts. Size it to fit the area you will be decorating on your sleep mask.
  4. Following the template, lay the Medium #16 Braid at a starting point on your sleep mask, and press with the hot iron for several seconds until the thread adheres. Continue working your design this way, following your template, until the design is complete.

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