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Location: Denver, Colorado

Girls Only Sign

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Girls Only sign embellished with Iron-on Threads

Designed by Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

That's right: no boys allowed! Make it known by creating this funky doorknob hanger with style.

Materials needed:

blank, unfinished wooden doorknob sign (often available in the
woodcrafts section of craft stores)
stencil (we used a butterfly stencil and some letter stencils)
Kreinik Iron-on Braid in colors to match your design theme (we used 6580 Violet in #16 Braid)
Household iron and Kreinik 3" x 4" press cloth, or Clover Mini Craft Iron and Kreinik small Adhesive Press Cloth


If using the adhesive press cloth with a Mini Iron, apply it while the iron is cool and unplugged

1. Paint your wooden sign and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure the sign is clean and dry before beginning.
2. Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting, and allow it to heat thoroughly. The adhesive in the thread needs high heat to be activated.
3. Trace a pattern from your stencil in light pencil, to make design lines to follow. You can also draw freeform or use rubber stamps with a light ink pad.
4. Place Iron-on Thread at your starting point, cover with the Teflon Press Cloth, and press with a hot iron for a few seconds to "tack" the thread into place.
5. Continue ironing the thread down in sections, covering with the Teflon and pressing for 3 to 5 seconds with your iron. The Teflon press cloth keeps the adhesive from sticking to your iron.
6. When finished, clip the thread, and start again with your next color in the same manner.

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