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Bat Mask

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Bat Mask

The Iron-on Threads are a fast way to get the look of embroidery on a wooden object like this spooky Halloween mask. No skill required! Designed by Amy Law.


  • wood mask (purchased from a craft store)
  • Purple velvet paper
  • Silver star paper
  • Kreinik Iron-On 1/8" Ribbon in 6580 Violet
  • Kreinik Iron-on #16 Braid in 6020 Silver
  • Glue stick, scissors, Iron, press cloth if your iron isn't Teflon coated
  • Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth (if your iron isn't Teflon coated, get one of will keep the adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron plate)


If needed, cover your cool iron with the adhesive press cloth

1.  First turn on your iron and turn it to the highest setting. Allow it to heat thoroughly.

2.  Trace your mask on the back of your purple paper.  Cut out the shape and glue it to the front of your mask. Trim the edges if necessary.  Next cut strips of silver star paper and glue it, wrapped, around your mask's handle.

3. Using your iron, begin embellishing the mask.  Iron purple ribbon around the edges of the mask, and wrap around the handle, ironing the ribbon in place.  Next, use the Silver braid to embellish the eyes on your mask. Finish by adding silver to your handle.

Optional: You can trace your mask onto black felt, and use that to make a soft backing for your mask.

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