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Tulle Butterfly Applique

Tulle Butterfly Applique

Tulle Butterfly Applique

Designed by: Linda Lindgren
Skill Level: Intermediate

This is a fun way to use tulle fabric to make an applique. Think of the possibilities for designing motifs for wedding dresses, proms, even ornaments. The iron-on threads give you the decorative thread embellishmentwithout the need for sewing. Just be careful not to touch the tulle with the hot iron. Always use a Teflon press cloth.

Materials needed:

  • Iron-on 1/8" Ribbon in 6420 Sky Blue
  • Iron-on #16 Braid in 6120 Pink
  • 9" x 12" Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
  • 3" x 4" Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
  • Mini iron or household iron
  • 2 pieces of Nylon tulle, 9? square
  • tracing paper
  • pen, paper, tape
  • pins
  • scissors
  • ironing surface


Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting and let it heat thoroughly.

1. Trace pattern onto white paper. Tape pattern to heat protected surface, suchas a rotary cutting board).
2. Place nylon tulle squares together, center on a large Teflon Press Cloth, andpin through all layers.
3. Center tulle squares over paper pattern on work surface.
4. Using 1/8" Ribbon and small press cloth, iron ribbon to tulle followingoutline on pattern. Be careful not to touch the tulle inside
pattern with the iron without the teflon sheet, or the tulle will melt, creatingholes in the design.
5. Fill in pattern with 1/8? Ribbon as indicated on pattern and photo of design.
6. Complete project using the pink Medium Braid.
7. Unpin tulle from teflon sheet. Cut out design close to the ribbon carefully.It may be necessary to turn ornament over and re-iron ribbon on back side tosecure ribbon to both layers of tulle (be sure to use the teflon sheet on theback, too).

Printing Instructions:

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