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There’s Snow One Like You! Beaded card

There’s Snow One Like You! Beaded card
There's Snow One Like You

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed:  

  • Kreinik Tapestry #12 Braid in colors 3214, 018V

  • 4x6 Treasure Tape™ sheets

  • Diamond Beadlets®

  • 2" square punch- Whale of a Punch     

  • McGill Craftivity large stamp punch P/N 95911

  • Foundations Inc. Card black square card   

  • Fibermark Paper- blue linen finish, light blue leather finish 

  • Paper Reflections- Creative Tags, Ivory 3 1/4 x 1 5/8”    

  • The Paper Company- Assorted cardstock, baby boy value pack-dark royal blue

  • Sizzix Little Sizzles Classics- cream speckle card stock  

  • Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Cuts-Winter Wonderland "there's snow one like you"

  • SEI Simple Set Buttons- Savvy- grey buttons           

  • Foundations, Inc. Paper- enchanted 5 8x8 sheetsblue

  • Provo Craft Paper, Kathy Distefano Griffiths 42-5258 Stone Washed Denim-Polka Dots   


1. Cut out all of your pieces. You will need two arm shapes (tapered rectangles) from the cream speckled cardstock, a 2” square from the metallic blue Foundations paper, a 3” square of polka dot paper, two stamp shapes from the Fibermark textured paper and the royal blue cardstock, and your 5x5” background square from the Fibermark linen paper. You will also need to cut out the snowman picture.

2. Make your shirt first. Peel back the white liner on one of your tape sheets and place the tag on the tape. Replace your liner and cut out the tag. Use a hole-punch to clear the hole in the tag. (tip- place a punched circle in the hole on the back un-taped side of the tag, so the tape doesn't stick to your hole punch.) Attach the arms to the back of your manila tag (see image for reference).

3. Begin laying down your squares first. Place the metallic blue paper in the bottom left corner. Place the light blue stamp in the bottom right. Place the second stamp along the top of the card. Place the polka dot square at an angle across the top right corner. Next place your shirt at an opposite angle along the left bottom corner.

4. Peel back the red liner on your shirt. Using your Dimensional Threads, out line the “neck” (the hole) and body of the shirt. Make stripes with your light blue thread, then add dark blue to accent every other stripe. Using scraps of tape, place your three buttons down the center of the shirt. Attach your snowman picture on top (see image for reference)

5. Place your card in a shallow tray or Ziploc bag, and pour beadlets over the exposed tape. Swirl with your fingers to full cover, and tap to remove excess beadlets.

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