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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Memory Page

Designed by Amy Law

Materials Needed:

  • 2 sheets marbled background paper 

  • 1 sheet green paper 

  • 1 sheet decorative green paper (Paper Adventures Skeeters Et Cetera Tissue Textures: Terra) 

  • One border or frame sticker (The Robin’s Nest All-in-One Stickers: butterfly) 

  • Journaling Template (Chatterbox Inc. The Journaling Genie: #2- Shapes) 

  • Border Template (Family Treasures ) 

  • Green marker or pen 

  • Kreinik Iron-on thread in Green and Gold 1/8” Ribbon 

  • Scissors, ruler, glue stick


Click here to downloadthe instructions for this design.  If you have problems downloading these templates, receive a copy by sending a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope to: St. Patrick's Day Templates, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102 USA 

1. Using the templates you just downloaded, cut out several shamrock shapes from the plain and decorative green paper. (optional: Using the green pen or marker, outline the edges and leaves)

2. Using the border template, cut a 3” border from the plain green paper.

3. Cut a 1” x 8” rectangle from the decorative green paper. 

4. Using the journaling template, trace a border and lines from one of the journaling shapes onto one of the marbles sheets of background paper. Cut out the shape around the border.

5. Cut a length of green thread “stem” for each of your shamrock shapes. Iron one end of each stem to each shape. Arrange them on the background paper, leaving room for the photo frame (make sure the stems are long enough to reach almost to the bottom of the page). Iron the stems to the paper. Secure the tops with glue if necessary.

6. Glue the green border to the bottom of the page (if the border
is longer than your page, wrap the ends around and glue them to the back).

7. Attach your photo to the page and frame with the frame sticker.

8. Attach your rectangle of decorative paper and your journaling shape to the bottom of your page. Iron your gold thread around the edges of both shapes.

9. You can now add any decorative finishes- we have added butterfly stickers. You can use lettering to add a title or message in the space beside your journal entry, or perhaps embellish your shamrocks.