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Snowman Card

Snowman Card
Snowman Card

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed:

  •  5x7” white blank card     

  • Fibermark Paper blue linen texture

  • Provo Craft Paper, Kathy Distefano Griffiths (42-5257 Stone Washed Denim-Spatter Dot)

  • White cardstock      

  • Brown cardstock      

  • Scrap paper in blue shades and prints  

  • SEI Simple Set Buttons- Savvy  blue buttons           

  • Glue stick      

  • Kreinik Iron On 1/8" Ribbon in 6010, 6020

  • Kreinik Iron on #16 Braid in 6450          

  • Iron or mini iron

  • Kreinik Teflon press cloth


Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting and let it heat thoroughly.

 1. Cut your linen texture paper to the size of your card. Cut a piece of the blue dotted paper the same width as your card. Attach your linen piece to the card front, and attach the dotted paper, centered about an inch down from the top of the card.

 2. Cut out three white circles, in decreasing size, for your snowman. Cut out two stick shapes and a triangle from your brown cardstock for your arms and nose.

 3. To make your scarf, collect all the blue paper scraps you have. Cut them into strips, roughly the same size (about 1/4” high and 1” wide). Attach the strips to a piece of backing paper with a glue stick. Once the glue is dry, cut out your scarf shapes, one long piece and one piece for the neck.

 4. Using your Iron-On threads, embellish your scarf. (We used the silver ribbon and blue braid to make stripes between the different paper patterns) Use the white ribbon around the edge of your white circles. Use the silver ribbon to outline the background papers on your card. (To use iron-on thread: lay the thread at a starting point, cover with the Teflon Press Cloth, and press for several seconds with your hot iron. Continue this way, working your design in sections. The Teflon keeps the adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron.)

 5. Assemble your snowman on your card, using a glue stick to attach each piece. Start with the bottom circle. Decide placement for your twig arms, and glue them down, before adding the middle circle. Add the circle for the head and place your nose on it. Attach the bottom part of your scarf, then the neck piece. Attach your buttons.

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