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Scarf Redefined

Scarf Redefined
Scarf Redefined

by Dena Lenham

I purchased a $5 scarf from Walmart because it had a lovely turquoise on white ethnic-looking pattern. The mostly white background coupled with all white linen fringe, however, did leave "something" to be desired. It needed "charisma". It needed just a touch of spice for noticeability.

Materials needed:

  • purchased scarf, already with or without fringe
  • Kreinik Bag O' Bits

I grabbed a bag of Kreinik metallic bits and began embellishing the fringe with whatever I found in the bag. It made a rainy hour pass by in a rather colorful way, as I sat there weaving beautiful strands of metallic color into the edges of my scarf. When I finished, it looked like a hand woven, fashion forward accessory. Just a hint of metallic means it dresses up jeans, or suits me for an evening out. Pick up your own inexpensive scarf at any store and dress it up by adding Kreinik metallic threads to the fringe. I took each strand from the Bag O'Bits, knotted one end, then ran it through the knotted end of the fringe already on the scarf. The knots merge together. Trim the metallic to match the length of your fringe.

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