Sapphire Squares

Sapphire Squares
Sapphire Squares
Designed by Patricia Bage of Patricia Anne Designs

We are pleased to feature a project from a new British designer, Patricia Bage. Inspired by threads and stitches, her designs often include pulled work and sampler-style bands. If you've never tried these stitches, this small design is a good place to start. Patricia uses different stitches to add depth (or dimension); Rhodes stitch sits higher than smooth Satin stitch, for example. To make the design even more interesting, she also uses both silk and metallic threads which creates variety in the way the threads reflect light.

This design would look nice inserted into a box top. Finish as a pillow by sewing border strips to each side and then a backing square of the same fabric, leaving and opening to insert a pillow form or stuffing, then sewing the opening closed.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik Silk Mori® 5204 Medium Periwinkle, 5203 Light Periwinkle, 8000 Soft White

  • Kreinik Silk Serica® 8000 Soft White

  • Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid™ 9294 Periwinkle and 032 Pearl

  • 28-count white linen


Click here to download the FREE instructions/diagrams for this design. You will need the FREE program Adobe Reader to view and print this file. If you have trouble downloading this file and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Sapphire Squares, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

Each square on chart equal two fabric threads. Beginwith the cross stitch border as indicated on the chart by (•) symbol, usingone strand of Kreinik Silk Serica 8000 Soft White.

Tips: Use a non-greasy hand cream to keep thesilk from snagging on rough fingers. Stitch with a 15-inch length (longerlengths will cause the thread to fray from too many passes through thefabric). Also, you may want to use a #22 Tapestry needle, whose eye islarge enough to accommodate the thread.

The main chart shows the placement for the first and lastrow of the Bargello-style satin stitches. You will need to fill in thisarea with rows of satin stitches (see Diagram A): Use two strands SilkMori 5204 for the first row, one strand Very Fine #4 Braid 9294 for the secondrow, two strands Silk Mori 5203 for the third row, one strand Very Fine #4 Braid032 for the fourth row, and two strands Silk Mori 8000 for the fifth row.

Work four Partial Diamonds (Diagram B) with one strand VeryFine #4 Braid 9294 as indicated on the chart between the cross stitch border andBargello/satin stitches.

Work satin stitch square (Diagram C) in centre of mainsquare as indicated on the chart, with two strands Silk Mori 5203. Complete square with cross stitch and half cross stitch as indicated on chartwith one strand Very Fine #4 Braid 032.

Work Eyelet stitch (Diagram D) as indicated on the chartbetween main square and cross stitch border with one strand Silk Mori8000. Complete four remaining small squares: work Alternating ScotchStitch (Diagram E) with one strand Silk Mori 8000 as indicated on chart. Work Rhodes stitch (Diagram F) to centre of each small square with one strandSilk Serica 8000.

Printing Instructions:

To print the instructions for this project click on the on the link above"Printable version" and then print the page using your web browser.

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