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Pink Wood Valentine Heart with Iron-on Ribbon

Pink Wood Valentine Heart with Iron-on Ribbon

Pink WoodValentine Heart with Iron-on Ribbon

 Designed by Linda Lindgren


  • Kreinik Iron-on Ribbon in 6120 Pink and 6010 Pearl
  • Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
  • Iron or Clover Mini Iron, ironing surface
  • 2 1/2” wooden heart (available at craft stores)
  • Plaid® Apple Barrel “Gloss Enamel” pain in Roseberry color, and a small paint brush
  • Pink heart button


Refer to photo as a guide. Turnon your iron to highest heat setting and allow it to heat thoroughly.

1.     Paint both sides of heart with Roseberry paint. Allow it to dry.

2.     Place end of pink Iron-on Ribbon at center top of heart, attach to heartusing tip of the Mini Iron, covering ribbon with Teflon cloth.

3.     Twist ribbon into small curl, iron to outside edge of heart, continuearound edge of heart back to top. Make a hanging loop at center top of heartbefore cutting ribbon.

4.     Referring to photograph, make a smaller pink heart in center of woodheart. Add a double loop of ribbon inside small heart as shown, add small pinkheart button to center of loops.

5.     Attach pearl Iron-on Ribbon between rows of pink ribbon, starting at topcenter of heart.

6.     Design may be repeated on the backside of heart if desired.

©Copyright 2004 Kreinik. This pattern may be reproduced but not sold. KreinikConsumer Information: 1-800-537-2166.