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In The Pink blank card

In The Pink blank card
In The Pink blank card
designed by Amy Law
skill level: beginner

Here’s a perfect card to makeand keep on hand for emergencies. It’s good for baby girl cards, femalebirthday cards, valentine’s cards, mother’s day, or cards for a specialfriend. Personalize it with your own message inside the card.

Materials needed:

  • blank card (pink cardstock)

  • red & white cardstock, pink printed paper

  • heart stickers

  • Mrs. K’s Iron-On Braid Assortment: Blush

  • household iron or mini iron

  • Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth

  • pink marker

  • fancy-edged scissors to make a scalloped edge


Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting andlet it heat thoroughly. 

1. Use paper edgers to make scalloped edge onyour printed paper. Glue to center of pink cardstock. 

2. Using Iron-ons, make designs and borders onyour card with each color. Lay the thread at your starting point, cover with theTeflon Press Cloth, and press for several seconds until the thread adheres.Continue this way, working the design in sections. 

3. Cut 3 small wavy squares of white cardstock.make them into frames by cutting out each center. Use a different color threadand make a border on each frame. Outline the edges with your marker. 

4. Cut 3 red squares and mount one behind eachframe.Place one heart sticker on each square. 

5. Mount your heart squares onto your card. 

Printing Instructions:
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