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Holographic Headband

Holographic Headband
holographic headband closeup
Holographic Headband

Skill level: All levels
Time: less than an hour

Headbands are as fashion-forward today as they have ever been — and are made even trendier with "embroidered" embellishments and hot color schemes. We transformed a plain plastic band into a power-preppie accessory by threading holographic ribbon into an open-weave suede ribbon. So cute, so fun, so easy.

Materials needed:
• headband — Dollar stores, Walmart, Target etc are great places to pick up inexpensive headbands. Look for plain ones, or ones with ribbons already attached (specifically open weave ribbons like the one  in our photo).
• Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon in holographic colors. We used 001L Solar Silver.
• Large-eye needle


This headband came from a discount store with the green ribbon already attached. We simply threaded our needle with the 1/8" Ribbon, and tied one end into a knot. Starting at one end, work that knot into the backside of the green ribbon, bring your needle up to the top, and begin weaving it in and out of the suede ribbon. End by securing your thread and tucking the end under the green ribbon.

Want to color coordinate? Pick from the 16 new holographic Kreinik ribbon colors, or any of the 200+ other metallic ribbon colors from Kreinik. Just imagine: an embellished, embroidered headband to match any outfit or costume.

How Treasure Tape™ may help:
1. Kreinik Treasure Tape (double-sided tape) is your best friend in many craft projects. Use it here to wrap extra ribbon on the ends to hide the pointed ends (raw edges) of your headband embellishment.
2. If you buy a plain plastic headband and embroider a strip of ribbon or fabric, the easiest way to secure that embellished fabric to the headband is with Treasure Tape. Buy 1/4" or 1/2" tape to match the thickness of your headband.

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