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Holiday Tree Card

Holiday Tree Card
Holiday Tree Card

Does your holiday card list grow longer each year too? Maybe adding a few new names to our list is something for which we should be grateful. New friends! New business acquaintances! New opportunities to tell someone how much we appreciate knowing them! What better way than with a personalized card made just for them? Purchased cards can be embellished easily with beads, tape, and thread.

If your card list is long, those boxed cards with your signature at the bottom may well be tempting to you. But here's an idea! Bring the kids in on the fun. Kids love playing with color (especially shiny, metallic thread colors!), and they’ll enjoy becoming a part of your family holiday card tradition. Enlist the kids’ help. Bribe them with popcorn and hot chocolate and they'll be your little helpers for as long as you like.

Materials needed:
  • purchased Christmas card with a Christmas tree motif
  • 4” x 6” sheet of Treasure Tape™
  • Diamond Beadlets® (clear micro beads)
  • Mrs. K’s Dimensional Threads from Kreinik in Tapestry #12 Braid 002V and 150V (or colors to match your card) 
  • Tray or pan for catching the beads
  • Piece of wax paper, masking tape and a pen


  1. Lay the wax paper over the tree on your card and outline the tree shape. This will create a template.
  2. Affix this wax template to the surface (red side) of the Treasure Tape™ using a piece of regular masking tape. Cut the tree shape out of the tape, following the lines of your wax paper template.
  3. Now you have a piece of Treasure Tape cut to fit the tree area only. Remove the white backing paper from the tape and lay it directly on the tree on the card. Remove the red liner to expose the sticky part, and now you’re ready to embellish.
  4. Either following the print on your card, or creating your own design, lay the Dimensional Threads onto the tape, pressing to adhere firmly. Continue decorating as desired with the thread.
  5. When finished, lay the card in your tray and pour on the Diamond Beadlets. Swirl the beads with your fingers over the tape so that all remaining adhesive areas are covered.
  6. Tap the card lightly to dislodge any loose beads.

Tip: cards with straight lines and borders are easiest to embellish, since you can use rolls of tape without having to follow a template.

Printing Instructions:
Click here to download the instructions
for this design.  If you have problems downloading the pattern, send a #10 self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Holiday Tree Card, PO Box 1966, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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