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Halloween Card 1

Halloween Card 1
Halloween Card 1

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner


  • 5.5” black square card- Foundations, Inc.
  • 3.5” square Green metallic paper- Wrapping paper scrap
  • 2.5” square Black paper
  • Pebbled orange paper- Fibermark
  • green and gold sequins, various sizes (Nicole Spangles)
  • Punch-1 9/16” stamp shape, McGill Craftivity
  • Mrs. K’s Dimensional Threads: 152V 1/8” Ribbon, 150V #16
  • Treasure Tape 4x6 sheet
  • Treasure Tape Dots
  • Diamond Beadlets

1. Cut one 4x4” piece of Treasure Tape.  Peel back the white liner andcenter your green paper shiny side down over the sticky tape surface. Thencenter the tape on the front of your card.  Press out from the centerwith your fingers to remove any air pockets.

2. Punch a stamp shape in the center of your black paper square.  Puncha stamp from your orange pebble paper.  Match the orange stamp to thepunched hole in the black paper- the “teeth” should interlock and hold theorange paper in place. Peel the red liner off your card and center the black-and-orangepiece on the card. Press to adhere securely.

3. Begin embellishing your card.  Use the Ribbon to make a border aroundthe edge of the green paper. Use the Braid to make a looping design insidethe Ribbon border.  Use your red liner to press the threads firmly intothe tape.

4. Use the Dots to make a random design in the center of your card, overthe black and orange stamp shape.  Peel back the red liner on each dot,and apply a sequin.  Make some of them off-center, and vary the sizeof the sequins so that more tape shows around some of them.

5. When finished, place the card in a tray or ziploc bag and pour DiamondBeadlets over the exposed tape.  Swirl to cover fully, and tap to removeexcess beadlets.

optional: You can use a metallic pen or marker to edge the card, or to writea Halloween greeting around the edges of the design.

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