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Foam Egg Magnet

Foam Egg Magnet
Foam Egg Magnet
Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner


  • Blue & Yellow Fun Foam- Westrim
  • Magnet backing sheet
  • Fiskars paper edgers- wide scallop
  • 4x6 Treasure Tape Sheet
  • Diamond Beadlets
  • Mrs. K's Dimensional Threads: Gold Braid Assortment, Light Blue Ribbon Assortment


1. Using a template, trace an egg shape onto the white backer side of your tape. Cut out the egg. Peel back the white backer and apply the egg shape to your foam and press out from the center with your fingers, to smooth out any air bubbles.
2. Cut out the shape. Peel back the white liner on the remaining part of your tape sheet and place your foam shape, foam side down, on the tape. Cut out the egg shape again. Now you have an egg shape with tape on both sides. Peel the liner off one side of your shape, and place it on your magnet sheet. Cut out the egg again.
3. Peel the red liner off your heart shape and begin to embellish. Use the paper edgers to make scalloped strips of yellow foam. Using their edges as a guide, create stripes in blue and yellow. Finish with zigzag or loop designs.
4. When finished embellishing, use your red liner to press all threads firmly into the tape. Place your egg in a tray or ziploc bag and pour Diamond Beadlets over the exposed tape. Swirl with your fingers to cover fully. Tap to remove excess beadlets.

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