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Easy "bejeweled" dog or cat collar

Easy "bejeweled" dog or cat collar
bejeweled dog collar
Easy "bejeweled" dog or cat collar

A dollar store transformation

Skill level: for all
Time: an hour

You can find basic dog collars and leashes at the dollar store. When you get them home, add your own flair and bling to match your pet's personality. You can embroider details (Kreinik metallic threads make durable fibers for this), or make faster embellishments with fusible fibers.

Materials needed:
  • plain dog or cat collar
  • Kreinik Iron-on metallic threads in your choice of colors. We used 1/8" Ribbon and #16 Braid
  • Hot-fix crystals to coordinate with your thread colors
  • home iron or craft iron
  • Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
  1. Turn your iron on to the highest heat setting and let it heat thoroughly.
  2. Lay your fusible Iron-on thread at a starting point, cover with a Teflon press cloth, then press for several seconds until the thread adheres. Continue working this way, working your design in sections. Note: the Teflon keeps the heat-activated adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron. Some home irons are already Teflon-coated, but the mini craft irons will need a sheet of adhesive Teflon or a piece of Teflon (both available from Kreinik).
  3. When thread decorating is complete, add hot-fix crystals as desired. Lay the crystal on the collar, press with your hot iron until the thread adheres.
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