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Cute As A Button

Cute As A Button
Cute as a Button
Designed by Lauire D'Ambrosio

Make a bunch of custom button embellishments to match just about anything- just take your papers to the button section of a fabric store.  Then dress them up with Kreinik fibers.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik #6120 Pink Iron on ribbon
  • Kreinik #6120 Pink Medium Braid
  • Clover Mini Iron
  • Press cloth
  • Sandy Lion Art Impressions Pink Hearts scrapbook paper
  • AirCut Font
  • 14 Pink Buttons from Lamode
  • Memory Dots, Mini Dots and Craft Dots from Glue Dots Intl
  • Paper Trimmer and Micro Tip scissors from Fiskars
  • Pink Cardstock
  • White mulberry paper
  • Acid free ink jet cardstock from Wausau
  • Liner paint brush
  • Cup of water
  • Needle


  1. Mount pictures on pink cardstock with Memory Dots.
  2. Lay the mounted picture on the mulberry paper.  Trace around the mulberry paper with the paint brush about an inch from the mounted picture.  Rip along the wet lines.
  3. Mount the matted picture to the mulberry paper with Memory Dots.
  4. Add a pink Iron On Fiber border. Use the Craft Dots to add the matted pictures to the page.  Press the mulberry paper into the Dot and wiggle it to get the best adhesion.
  5. Print out journaling information on ink jet cardstock.  Rip around the information.  Attach to the page with Memory Dots.
  6. Cut fourteen 5" lengths of pink medium braid.  For each button:
Thread the needle with the braid
Pass the needle through the front of the button leaving a 1" tail
Pass the needle back up through to the front of the button
Tie an overhand knot to secure the fiber
Add the button accents with Mini Dots.
Designer's Notes:

Craft Dots work the best on mulberry paper.

I learned the hard way to only use acid free papers made for ink jets when I print journaling info.  If you don't, it will bleed over time.

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