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Beady Floral Desk Set

Beady Floral Desk Set
Beady Floral Desk Set
Beady Floral Desk Set

Materials needed:

  • desk set with stapler, 3-hole punch, etc
  • Kreinik Treasure Tape: 1" roll
  • Kreinik Diamond Beadlets™
  • flat-backed cabochons, buttons and other ephemera in the shape of circles, flower petals, etc
  • Kreinik Heavy #32 Braid 008 Green
  • Kreinik Tapestry #12 Braid 054F Lemon Lime
  • shallow pan or tray


  1. Lay your double-sided Treasure Tape on the flat, smooth surface of your stapler or 3-hole punch. Smooth out any bubbles so that the tape is flat and adhered to the surface.
  2. Remove the red liner to expose the top sticky areas, then begin decorating with the cabochons and buttons. Lay them in flower shapes or as desired.
  3. Then lay the Kreinik Braid in vine patterns or random ways as you create your desired design. Use our photo as a guide if needed.
  4. When decorating is complete, hold your stapler/punch over a shallow pan or tray and cover all remaining sticky areas with the Diamond Beadlets.
  5. Enjoy your personalized desk set!
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