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Beaded Crocheted Ornament

Beaded Crocheted Ornament
Beaded Crocheted Ornament
Beaded Crocheted Ornament

This ornament can be made for less than $5 using a Dollar Store foam ornament, some Kreinik threads, pins, and beads. It is created so quickly, you will have time to make several for hostess gifts, ornament exchanges, and for your own tree.

Materials needed:
  • Foam ornament (we got ours at Dollar Tree)
  • Kreinik Medium #16 Braid 002L Chromo Gold (a holographic thread)
  • Size D/3-3.25mm crochet hook
  • straight pins
  • beads (glass seed beads, any other bead that with a hole that will fit your pin size)
  1. Using the Medium #16 Braid in 002L, crochet a length long enough to decorate your ornament. We did one simple chain stitch for the entire length.
  2. Pick up a bead with your straight pin and push the bead all the way to the head of the pin. Begin pinning your crocheted chain to the ornament using the straight pins with the bead on it. Continue pinning your chain as desired using your pins and beads.
Note about colors: Kreinik makes 250+ colors in Medium #16 Braid, so you can customize your design by choosing your favorite colors, or your school colors, team colors, etc.

Printing Instructions:
To print the instructions for this project click on the on the link above "Printable version" and then print the page using your web browser. If you have trouble printing this page and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Beaded Crocheted Ornament, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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