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Winter 2017 New Colors

Winter 2017 New Colors
From left to right:  Silver, Gold, Copper and Red & Green Micro Ice Chenille, 016L Olive Moss

Fun new metallic colors for Winter 2017! Kreinik is proud to introduce 4 new colors to our line of Micro Ice Chenille Colors. They are #101 Silver, #221 Gold, #20 Red & Green and #21 Copper. Micro Ice Chenille comes on 3m spools and retail for $3.25 each.

We are also introducing a new metallic color called Olive Moss - 016L. It is a dark green holographic color. This color is available in Blending Filament, Very Fine #4, Fine #8, Tapestry #12 and Medium #16 Braids.

You can order any of these new colors individually on this page.

This is not an assortment.

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