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Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy Pillows
Tooth Fairy Pillows

Designed by: Karen Booth
Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed:
• Kreinik Iron-on #16 Braid 6010 Pearl, 6225 Gold, 6410 Confetti Pink
• Kreinik Iron-on 1/8” Ribbon in 6130 Red, 6420 Sky Blue, 6120 Pink
• Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth
• Mini iron or household iron
• Felt (we used CPE Art Felt in Militia Blue Red, Yellow, White and Black)
• APL’s Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Fiberfill Stuffing
• Needle and yellow or blue thread
• straight pins

Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting and allow it to heat thoroughly.

Tip: Always use a press cloth with the iron-on threads to keep the adhesivein the thread from sticking to your iron.

Follow the templates for cutting your felt.

1. Cut two pillow rectangles from Yellow or Militia blue felt.
2. Cut lips from red felt. Cut out opening for teeth.
3. Cut teeth from white felt. Place teeth behind lips and very lightly drawpencil guidelines for individual teeth.
4. Cut away one or several teeth.
5. Using Teflon Press Cloth, apply pearl braid over lines and around edgesof missing tooth. (Note: do vertical lines first, then one long horizontalline.)
6. Glue a piece of black felt to tooth 9teeth) opening on back. Set asideto dry.
7. Use red iron-on ribbon to outline outside and inside edges of lips. Slowlypress one continuous length or cut Ribbon into sections, press and overlapedges. Trim away any excess ribbon from corners of lips. Apply a bead ofglue around inside edges of lips on backside. Place lips on top of teeth.Press to secure. Set aside to dry.
8. On front of pillow, use pink (on yellow) or blue (on militia) ribbon tocreate a border 1/4” away from outside edges. Cut ribbon to fit each sideoverlapping ends.
9. Place lips on pillow. Decide on placement of name. Use confetti pink orgold braid to spell out the name. Shape one letter or portion of letter underpress cloth at a time. Press to felt. Overlap ends. Work slowly, one letterat a time.
10. Apply a bead of glue around outside of lips. Do not glue upper portionof lips. This is a pocket opening. Press to pillow front. Set aside to dry.
11. After glue has dried, cut two small pieces of 1/8” red ribbon and pressover corners of lips.
12. Pin front to back and carefully stitch together using a running stitchfollowing the outside of the metallic border.
13. Leave a small area unstitched at bottom or side, but leave thread attachedto needle.
14. Fill with fiberfill stuffing (do not overstuff). Pin opening closed andcontinue stitching to finish.

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