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Sweet Violets Scissor Fob

Sweet Violets Scissor Fob
Sweet Violets Scissor Fob
designed by Mary Polityka Bush
skill level: beginner

Here’s a perfect littleproject to cheer your wintry days. Whether you make it for yourself or a gift,you’ll love how fast and easy it is to create something so useful and elegant.The magic is in the threads; metallic ribbons add a sparkling, cheerful touch tosimple stitches.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik 1/8” Metallic Ribbon 026V Vintage Amethyst and 091 Star Yellow 

  • Kreinik Silk Mori: 1 (5m) skein #4034 Medium Kelly Green 

  • Zweigart® Punktchen Damask (or a similar fabric) 6”x9” piece #2168/637 Celery Green 

  • 1/4 yard 1/2” wide pregathered lace, white 

  • Fray Check™ 

  • Air-disappearing marking pen (pink or lavender, not blue) 

  • #20 Crewel needle 

  • 4” embroidery hoop 

  • Kreinik Custom Corder cord-making tool 

  • 17/8” diameter Dritz® cover buttons, package of 2 

  • Tacky craft glue


1. Treat edges of fabric with Fray Check™. Letdry. 

2. Cut out appropriate size circular pattern fromback of button package. Center package at one end of fabric and trace around itwith marking pen. Repeat at other end of fabric. Center and trace embroiderypattern within one of the circles. (Taping pattern and fabric to a sunny windowmakes tracing easier.) Mount embroidery pattern area in hoop. NOTE: Marks madeby air-disappearing marking pens disappear within 12-24 hours, depending onhumidity. 

3. Make a soft knot at end of an 18” length ofVintage Amethyst Metallic Ribbon. With it, work lazy daisy stitches for petalsof each violet. Keep Metallic Ribbon flat throughout. Keep back of work neat.Secure ending tails by stitching through backs of stitches. 

4. Make a soft knot at the end of the Star YellowMetallic Ribbon. With it, work a Colonial knot in center of each violet. 

5. Work Lazy Daisy leaves with an 18” 3-strandlength of Medium Kelly Green Silk Mori. 

6. Remove from Hoop. Cut out both circles. Treatedges with Fray Check™. Let dry. 

7. Remove shanks from button forms: discard.Center embroidered circles on one form. Carefully ease and secure it’s edgeover teeth on back of form. Mount unembroidered fabric circle on second form insame manner. Note: Snap-in button backs are not needed; discard. 

8. Glue lace around edge of charm back. Let Dry.Glue charm front and back together. Let dry. 

9. Following custom corder instructions, maketwisted cord with 3 yards of Silk Mori. Knot ends. Fold cord in half; make anoverhand knot 4” below fold. Position wrapping at top of charm and glue loosetails of cord around edge of charm. Make an overhand knot where cord ends meetat bottom center of charm. Cut off ails of cord 11/2” below knot; separatestrands to make a tassel. 

10. To attach charm to scissors, slip folded loopthrough scissors handle. Slip charm through loop. Pull gently till loop is snug.

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