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Machine Embroidered Christmas Placemat

Machine Embroidered Christmas Placemat
Machine Embroidered Christmas Placemat
Machine Embroidered Christmas Placemat

By Louis Carney using a Janome digitized pattern

Kreinik high-speed metallic machine sewing threads are the best metallic thread you can use on a sewing machine. Check out the many videos on http://wwwYoutube.com/ Kreinikchannel - including a video showing how to make this placemat - for all the tips, tricks and techniques for using these beautiful threads.

Materials needed:

  • Holographic Blending Filament 002L, 003L, 008L
  • Kreinik Machine Sewing Thread in gold - such as Fine Twist in White good, Gold, or Antique Light Gold
  • Stabilizer
  • Red purchased placemat
  • Topstitch 100 Needle
  • red rayon or cotton thread in the bobbin (or color to match your fabric)
  • sewing machine, embroidery hoop for your machine, plastic embroidery foot for your sewing machine
  • digitized embroidery pattern (we used a pattern on the Janome 11000)
Basic Instructions:
  1. Resize your digitized design as needed to fit your placemat.
  2. Insert your stabilizer into your machine embroidery hoop. With a straight stitch, tack your placemat to the stabilizer.
  3. Begin stitching. Follow the video at http://youtu.be/9HTbRihFa88 for a demonstration that includes tips such as:
    • Slow your machine slightly.
    • Put metallic thread on a vertical stand (or if it is a cone, set it next to your sewing machine) so the thread can uncurl and relax prior to going through the machine tension areas.
    • A plastic embroidery foot will give you better results than a metal foot because it allows the thread to glide (metal foot may cause the thread to snap)
    • Reduce your presser foot pressure slightly if using a dense stitch.
    • Skip the last thread guide when using metallic threads.
Printing Instructions:
To print the instructions for this project click on the on the link above "Printable version" and then print the page using your web browser. If you have trouble printing this page and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: (Name of this design), P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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