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How-To Cross Stitch with Kreinik Threads

The basic cross stitch — the process of making an 'x' shape with thread — is one of the oldest and most widely used embroidery stitches.  In a creatively fulfilling and emotionally refreshing activity, you can make elaborate or simple pictures on fabric with threads and the cross stitch.  This technique is easily worked on an evenweave fabric such as Aida cloth with a blunt needle called a Tapestry Needle.

Counted thread embroidery includes the basic cross stitch plus other stitches to decorate fabrics such as linen and bring out the color and texture of threads.  The most visually interesting and realistic cross stitch or counted thread embroidery combines different thread types to create a play of texture and light.  Combine a matte cotton embroidery floss, for example, with a light-reflecting metallic thread to create visually appealing contrasts.  Silk threads have their own natural lustre, which enables you to play with light and texture as well.  

The Kreinik threads listed below are used in cross stitch or counted thread embroidery.  Choose the thickness of the thread to correspond to your ground material (10-count fabric or a 28-count linen, for example) and your stitch types (cross stitch or satin stitch, for example).

  • Blending Filament
  • Cord
  • Very Fine (#4) Braid
  • Fine (#8) Braid
  • Tapestry (#12) Braid
  • Medium (#16) Braid
  • Heavy (#32) Braid
  • 1/16" Ribbon
  • 1/8" Ribbon
  • Ombre
  • Cable
  • Japan Threads
  • Silk Mori®
  • Silk Serica®
  • Facets
  • Real Metal Threads

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