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Holographic Corded Necklace

Holographic Corded Necklace
Holographic Corded Necklace Holographic Corded Necklace Cording Holographic Corded Necklace Fasteners

Holographic Corded Necklace

You can find gorgeous glass pendants at bead and craft stores. Once you've picked out your pendant, make the necklace chain with the Kreinik Custom Corder and matching colors of Kreinik threads. It's so easy, you will want to make several to give as gifts to friends. Here's how:

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik Custom Corder
  • one spool of Kreinik Silk Serica in desired color
  • one spool of Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon in desired color (we like the holographic colors, such as 002L or 001L)
  • optional: jewelry fasteners


  1. To determine how much thread you need, figure out how long you want your chain to be, ie, 18 inches or 24 inches. Multiply that length times three, and that is how much Serica and 1/8" Ribbon to cut.
  2. Take your cut piece of Serica and your cut piece of Ribbon, and knot the threads together at each end. Secure one end of the thread to a solid object (or ask a friend to hold the end).  Then attach the other end to the hook of the Kreinik Custom Corder.  Be sure to maneuver the thread so the knot is at the end: this will ensure that the knot will not become part of your trim.
  3. Wind the handle clockwise on the Kreinik Custom Corder(tm) to begin twisting the threads.
  4. When the thread becomes so tight that it almost begins to kink, carefully remove the Corder WHILE KEEPING THE TWISTED STRAND TAUT, and hang the Corder by its hook in the center of the twisted cord.
  5. While keeping constant tension, bring the two ends together, allowing the two sides of the twisted cord to wind together.  The cord will begin to spin rapidly and form the finished trim.
  6. Remove the Corder after it has stopped spinning.
  7. Tie a knot at the end of the cord to prevent the trim from raveling.
  8. Slide your pendant onto the twisted strand, and either tie the ends together, or attach jewelry fasteners to the ends.

To see a video of the cording process, click here:

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