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Felted Needlecase

Felted Needlecase

Felted Needlecase

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill level: Beginner

Good Idea: small projects like this make quick gifts

Felting has become a fun and addicting way to make personalized "fabric". Here's an easy felted project that would make a meaningful gift for a stitcher or sewer in your life, or a young teen just learning how to sew. Choose holiday colors, personal favorites, or a mix of shades to make the design even more meaningful.

Materials needed:

  • Green felt
  • Kreinik Silk Roving- white
  • Wool roving- Purple
  • Kreinik Metallic #12 Braid in your choice of colors (we used color 3533 Purple Mambo)
  • Tools: felting needles, pad, scissors, tapestry needle


1. Cut a rectangle of green felt to be your base. Fold in half to find the "cover" of your threadfold. Also cut out a flower shape with four petals from your green felt.

2. Begin laying out your design on your base felt, starting with the silk in a square. Create "stripes" with your wool. Lay your base felt (open) on your needlefelting mat and begin felting. Move strands of the fibers as needed to create the design you want.

3. When your stripes and silk outline are well secured, add your green felt flower shape and a circle of silk for the center of your flower. Continue felting until all pieces are secured.

4. Embellish your felted design with metallic braid. Stitch around the outside of your design and outline the purple stripes. Then add a few french knots to the center of your flower.

Printing Instructions:

To print the instructions for this project click on the on the link above "Printable version" and then print the page using your web browser.

If you have trouble printing this page and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Felted Needlecase, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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