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Conductive Fingertip Gloves

Conductive Fingertip Gloves

Conductive Fingertip Gloves

Look in the dollar bin at Target, Wal-mart, Old Navy, the Gap, or the Dollar Store for inexpensive gloves. Then use Kreinik's new Conductive Fingertip Yarn to add stitches to the fingers, and voila! Now you can use your smartphone, tablet, or other touch-screen devices while wearing your gloves. Just a small area of stitching with this yarn makes fingertips technology-ready and warm! This is so easy and inexpensive to do, you can have a pair of conductive gloves to put in the pockets of each coat in your closet. Have a closet full of old-but-still-good gloves? This method works for transforming ones you already have into gloves usable with your smartphone and tablet devices.

Materials Needed:

  • Kreinik Conductive Yarn
  • Inexpensive gloves


  1. Buy an inexpensive pair of gloves, or crochet/knit your own. We found this lime green pair in the dollar bin right inside the door at Target (who can resist all those bins?!)
  2. ON PURCHASED GLOVES: Use a double-strand of Kreinik Conductive Fingertip Yarn with a crewel or tapestry needle, and top-stitch on the finger pad area of the gloves. Create a "pad" of stitches for maximum conductivity. If you want to get creative, try stitches such as Satin Stitch, Rhodes Stitch, and Smyrna.
  3. ON KNITTED/CROCHETED GLOVES: Double-strand in the fingertip areas (ie, use it as a carry-along fiber) in your chosen knit/crochet stitch.

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