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Bookworm Bookmark

Bookworm Bookmark

Bookworm Bookmark

Designed by Amy Law
Skill level: Intermediate


  • 2" x 5.5" sage cardstock, aqua and blue cardstock (Hue Palette Scrap Pack, Paper Reflections)
  • silver, blue, and green sequins (Nicole Spangles)
  • Flower Punch (McGill Craftivity P/N 91100)
  • Kreinik #12 Braid color 684
  • Treasure Tape Dots
  • Diamond Beadlets


1. Punch three aqua and three blue flowers fromyour cardstock. Apply a Tape Dot to the back of each one. Peel the liner off twoof the aqua and one of the blue flowers. Stick the aqua flowers on the tworemaining blue flowers, slightly off center so the blue shows underneath. Do thesame with the remaining aqua and blue flowers, this time with the blue on top.

2. Peel the red liner off the backs of eachflower and arrange them on your sage cardstock.(see picture for placement)Placea dot in the center of each flower.

3. Make a line of dots, with each new dottouching the edge of the one before it. The line should wind in between theflowers (see photo). Peel the red liner off each dot and apply sequins to theline, alternating colors and sizes.

4. Place two dots diagonal to the last dot. Peelback the liner on each and make a curlicue on each, as antenna. Peel the lineroff your flowers and make little four-loop flower shapes on those dots. Use yourliner to press the threads into the tape.

5. Place your design into a shallow tray or in asmall ziploc bag. Pour beadlets over the exposed tape areas. Tap to removeexcess beadlets.

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