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ABC Baby Quilt

ABC Baby Quilt

ABC Baby Quilt

Designed by: Dena Lenham
Skill Level: Beginner

The ease of this project comes from two things: iron-onthreads for instant embellishing, and sew-free craft squares that are alreadyquilted. You can make this sweet wall hanging in an hour (perfect for a last-minutebaby shower gift!).

Materials needed:

  • 4 of Daisy Kingdom’s Connect-It squares in pastel colors
  • Kreinik 1/8” Ribbon in 014 Sky Blue and 092 Star Pink
  • Kreinik Iron-on 1/16” Ribbon in 6400 Blue Bell, 6100 Carnation, 6200 Daffodil,and 6300 Meadow
  • press cloth
  • Mini Iron or household iron


  1. Turn your iron onto the highest heat setting and let it heat thoroughly.
  2. To get the letter shapes, you may want to lightly trace an outline ontothe fabric squares, or use a computer font (enlarged to be the right sizefor your block and printed on paper) to copy. Use a block-style letter.
  3. Pick one of the iron-on thread colors and begin on one block. Lay thethread at a starting point, cover with the press cloth, and press with your hot iron for several seconds or until the thread adheres. Continue working your pattern this way until your letter is complete.
  4. When all lettering is done, use the two colors of 1/8” Ribbon to tie bowsat all buttonholes, thus tying each block together.
  5. If desired, attach safety pins on the top back side, or small rings, to serve as hangers for the wall hanging.

Printing Instructions:
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